JorZine - JON OLIVA - Solo Album Title And Release Date Revealed

JON OLIVA - Solo Album Title And Release Date Revealed


Jon Oliva, the mastermind behind Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Doctor Butcher and Jon Oliva's Pain, announced late last year that he would release his very first solo album in 2013 via AFM Records. More news has emerged, announcing that the album is called Raise The Curtain and will be released on June 5th. 


Recordings began in December of 2012 and the album was completed in early March of 2013. This album is truly a solo accomplishment with Oliva writing and performing 90% of all tracks himself (all but 8 tracks, handled by Jon Oliva's Pain drummer Christopher Kinder).

Jon Oliva is currently working on an upcoming Storyteller Tour which will be a "rare chance to get a deep in depth look at Jon's career from the very beginning til now." More news to come.


Source: Metalstorm.


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