JorZine - XATHRITES - New Album Details Revealed

XATHRITES - New Album Details Revealed


Iraqi Depressive Black Metal band XATHRITES has revealed some details from its upcoming album titled "My Last Day Story". The album, which will be released on 5th May, will consist of 8 tracks of pure Depressive Black Metal with female vocals in some tracks and a high feeling of depression and sadness brought by the piano work.


"My Last Day Story" will feature Lord Mist from the Egyptian Black Metal band FROSTAGRATH as guest vocalist in two tracks.





1. My Last Day Story
2. The Dark World
3. My Past With Her
4. Suicide Was My End
5. The Sounds Of Heaven
6. The destruction of human
7. (Surprise track)
8. Screaming From Inside



XATHRITES recently posted two teaser tracks from its upcoming album called "My Last Day Story" and "Suicide Was My End". You can check them out clicking HERE and HERE


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