JorZine - NORHOD - "Lily's Ashes" Track For Free Download

NORHOD - "Lily's Ashes" Track For Free Download


Italian symphonic metal band Norhod has Sign a deal with Wormholedeath RecordsThe band also stream a new song "Lily's Ashes" you can check it here for Streamingand you can download the song for free from HERE.

Norhod were born in the summer 2009, with Michele Tolomei, Giacomo Casa, Giacomo Vannucci and Andrea Stefani. The band was committed almost entirely in composing their own songs with the idea of creating the first demo, but for almost two years since the birth of the project Norhod had a lot of lineup changes and due to this they couldn't play much live. This period, however, gives time to hone the skills of the remaining components and mature compositional ideas about the demo, which begins to take the form of a concept.


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