JorZine - HERETIC SOUL - Announce New Tour Date In Germany

HERETIC SOUL - Announce New Tour Date In Germany


Turkish Death metallers HERETIC SOUL have announced a new tour date in Berlin, Germany. The band will perform Brutz & Brakel Stromgitarrenfest Vol.4, which will take place on 8th and 9th November at H.O.F. 23. They will be sharing the stage with the Italian Heavy metallers STEELCLAD and with the German bands CARNAL GHOUL, MILKING THE GOATMACHINE, ATTIC, ISLAY and KALI YUGA.


More information about the event is available clicking HERE



As we previously reported, the band will play a couple of concerts in Europe this summer. HERETIC SOUL will perform on 24th August in Brussels, Belgium and on 31st August on Jena, Germany.


The band is currently working on their upcoming album titled "The Nihilistic Attitude". You can listen to an unmastered song from the new album titled "Cancer of Society" clicking HERE


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