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VIHMANA - New Single Online


Spanish Metal band VIHMANA has published a new track of its next album titled “Un Ocaso Trascendente”. The song selected has been “Al Alba Inhumana”, second track of the album, which in the final version it’s going to include the flamenco guitar by Javier Guarino. The album will be released through Nooirax Producciones.


You can check "Al Alba Inhumana" clicking HERE



"Un Ocaso Trascendente" will be the second album of VIHMANA and will be released around mid-June. As Nacho Hernández, the band's only member, comments about the album: “This new work going to keep the own essence of VIHMANA (ethnic middle eastern music, doom and death metal, gothic and ambient rock), but in a new way, deeper and authentic, and clearer and natural at the same time, with very existentialist lyrics: dark, cryptic, transcendental, human texts…”

The album is going to have 8 songs, among which is “Amatevi”, a cover of the legendary Sicilian world music band AGRICANTUS. This is the final tracklist :


1- Un Ocaso
2- Al Alba Inhumana
3- Caminante del Sueño
4- Alminar
5- Hasta Nuestra Completa Aniquilación
6- El Rumbo de Nadie
7- Monzón
8- Amatevi


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