JorZine - JEFF LOOMIS - Launches Indiegogo Van Theft Recovery Fund

JEFF LOOMIS - Launches Indiegogo Van Theft Recovery Fund


Recently, Jeff Loomis and his band's tour van was broken into in St. Louis and personal items such as laptops, cameras, musical equipment, cell phones, passports and money were stolen. The band has since then set up a PayPal account ( for any amount of donations to assist them for the duration of the tour with Soilwork and now also launched an Indiegogo campaign to support their recovery fund.



Message from Jeff Loomis: "We really appreciate everyone's support so far and cannot thank you enough. We have launched an Indiegogo campaign to support our recovery fund in conjunction with the PayPal account. This campaign will go on for the next 15 days. Any amount helps during this time, thank you in advance."

Loomis recently released a special tour edition of Plains Of Oblivion via Century Media Records with three bonus tracks, in addition to the originalPlains Of Oblivion disc that was released last year.


Source: Metalstorm.


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