JorZine - VITAL REMAINS - To Release New Album This Year

VITAL REMAINS - To Release New Album This Year


Tony Lazaro, guitarist of US death metallers Vital Remains, was recently interviewed by Metal Hangar 18 after the band's March 2nd performance in Sofia, Bulgaria, and confirmed that the band will record their new album in the summer and plan to release it this year.


Tony Lazaro said: "The songs (for the new album) have been written (for a long time) — some of them since 2008. I've written, like, two albums' worth of material; I have almost 20 songs."


"We will record the new album this year. Everything is kind of in place. We can't wait — after this tour — to get working on it again before we have another tour in the U.S. in May with Destruction. And then after that it's all about recording the new album this summer. So hopefully everything's gonna work out and we'll have the album recorded and it will be out finally this year."


"The new album, the new songs are shorter. I've been writing the music since the beginning, since '89. I write all the music, and this is the first time that I wrote the songs shorter. The songs are averaging only about four minutes; the longest song, I think, is four and a half minutes. First time ever. But I tried to keep my style of writing in there — keep the speed, the brutality, the melodic stuff, and also put some old-school stuff in there and some classical stuff in there; some solo stuff, really good solos and melodies. It's everything you'd expect from Vital Remains, but just in a shorter package."



Source: metalstorm.


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