JorZine - WORM - Vocalist Mahmoud "Sakr Kourish" Passes Away

WORM - Vocalist Mahmoud "Sakr Kourish" Passes Away


Mahmoud Sakr, vocalist of the Egyptian Death Metal band WORM, has passed away this afternoon. As far as we know, his death was due to health problems related with diabetes. Despite not having much information, all of us at JorZine Team agreed on sharing this information with all our readers, and to tell his family and friends that our thoughts and prayers are with them.


Mahmoud, who was also known as "Sakr Kourish", joined WORM in winter 2004/2005 as the replacement of former vocalist Ezz. The band, which was founded in 2003 in Alexandria, is considered one of the oldest active Egyptian Metal acts. After joining the band, Sakr recorded the vocals in the demo "The Codex", which got pretty good reactions in the underground scene. Despite the fact the band didn't seem as active as it used to be in the past, they were recently featured on an in-depth report about Metal in Egypt at



Most Egyptian Rock/Metal bands have posted statements about him throughout the day. Cherine Amr, vocalist/guitarist of MASSIVE SCAR ERA posted at her band's Facebook Page: "We don't know HOW to share this... I just heard this news now, Mahmoud Sakr the talented vocalist of the Egyptian Death Metal band WORM has passed away this morning. Last time I saw him was at the studio last week and he was extremely nice to me and looked pretty healthy and optimistic. I still don't know the cause but im sure he's in a better place than we are now, please pray for him".


The guys of SCARAB also posted: "We lost our ultimate and true friend to the band... our hearts and souls ache... and no words or anything can describe the pain of his loss... R.I.P. Mahmud. A true friend and a true human. Your soul will always be in our music and hearts".


DESTINY IN CHAINS commented about this issue: "Today we pay tribute to one of the pioneer metallers in Egypt, his name was and will still be big after his departure. Sakr, the vocalist of the band WORM has passed away earlier today, we don't know how, but whatever it is, he is now gone to his creator. Rest in peace brother, you surely will be missed...".


Many other Egyptian bands such as SEGADORAS, ANARCHY, SAND AURA, SINPROPHECY, BRUTUS, ENRAGED, MEPHOSTOPHILIS, VARDEN and many others, as well as some other people involved in the country's scene such as concert organisers or Metal journalists, have dedicated a few words in memory of him. Even some foreigner bands such as Dubai-based PERVERSION and Jordanian BILOCATE have lamented his loss.



As a summary, we have to say that an important part of the Egyptian Metal scene has gone with him. May he rest in peace...



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