JorZine - WALLS OF DEATH - Participating Bands Announced

WALLS OF DEATH - Participating Bands Announced


The guys of Walls of Death crew have announced the bands that will participate in the upcoming edition of this Metal gig. The third edition of this mini-festival will take place on Thursday 2nd May at El Sawy Culture Wheel in Cairo, Egypt. The event will host bands from different variants inside the Extreme Metal family: from SINPROPHECY's Melodic Doom/Death to NATHYR's Oriental Black/Death, or some Modern Death Metal from SEGADORAS. It will also feature Melodic Death metallers AL-AZIF and SOUL SANCTUARY, a young but promising Melodic Black Metal band.


More information about Walls of Death Vol.3 - Apocalypse is available clicking HERE



According to their Facebook Page, Walls of Death was founded by Sayed Ragai and Mohamed Sa'eed, two young Egyptian metalheads known for playing with several bands such as SINPROPHECY, DESTINY IN CHAINS or MORKA ASYL.


It started as a musical organization whose main aim is supporting Rock and Metal music in Egypt. They also look for creating a good Metal scene in their country by giving the chance for underground bands to perform live in front of a big crowd.


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