JorZine - GÜRZ - Concert In Georgia Announced

GÜRZ - Concert In Georgia Announced


Turkish Folk Metal band GÜRZ has announced a concert in Georgia. The band will perform at Plus One Festival, which will take place on Saturday 22nd June. They will be sharing the stage with Georgian bands INDUSTRIAL CITY, U.R. and TANELORN.


The band posted the following statement about their upcoming performance in Georgia: "GEORGIA, BEWARE!!! This time GÜRZ will be hitting the stage at PLUS ONE FESTIVAL/GEORGIA. We are coming to give you a shocking performance. You will be the first audience to listen songs from our upcoming LP. Nothing will ever be the same as it was in GEORGIA!"


More information about Plus One Festival is available clicking HERE



GÜRZ recently reported that they are currently working on their upcoming full length album titled "Cosmology Divine". The album will be the follow up of "Sons of Earth and Sky", the band's debut EP. The band also revealed the new album's cover artwork, which was designed by Aybars Altay. You can check it as follows:



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