JorZine - DEMONIC RESURRECTION - Announces New Album



India's Extreme Metal veterans DEMONIC RESURRECTION have completed 13 years as a band and announced their 4th full-length album.


The band made the following statement: "On 6th April 2000 we, played our first show with Naked Earth, Sceptre and Metakix. We complete 13 years as a band today. We have no special announcements, no special events planned, no special release or anything. The last two years have been very hard for us and none the less we've not given up, we may be down now but we're far from out. At this point we're am however happy to say that we have hit the studios and begun recording our 4th full-length album. It will be released this year so stay tuned. A massive thanks to all our fans, well wishers and supporters who have kept us going over years and supported us. Cheers & Stay Demonic!"



The album is being recorded at Demonic Studios with frontman Demonstealer doubling up as producer as well. You can check the photo album of the band's drum tracking sessions clicking HERE


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