JorZine - NETHERION - New Album Announced

NETHERION - New Album Announced


Syrian Death metallers NETHERION have announced that they are currently recording a new album titled "IX". The album, which is being recorded at Old Hearth Studios in Damascus, is the follow up of their debut "Spheres of Terror", released in 2012. The band has also announced that they will release the single "Cleopatra" as a teaser of their new album very soon.





1- Horace
2- Cleopatra
3- Ciacco
4- Nimrod
5- Theseus
6- Aphrodite
7- Alke
8- Aletheia
9- Armageddon



The band is currently hosting a competition for the best cover design for their new album. Designs have to be posted at the band's Facebook Page and the best one will be used as the artwork of "IX", the band's upcoming release.

NETHERION recently announced that they have been featured in the new compilation album "L'angolo della follia Vol.19", alongside a bunch of bands from all over the world. You can download the compilation clicking HERE


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