JorZine - PERSEFONE - Release New Video, Sign With ViciSolum Productions

PERSEFONE - Release New Video, Sign With ViciSolum Productions


With the release of Spiritual Migration right around the corner, progressive death metallersPersefone have released the first taste off the new album. The band is not playing around and the first video clip from the opus is for the 10-minute title track "Spiritual Migration", it was directed by Alvaro Rodriguez Areny, filmed in Andorra and Barcelona and you can watch IT HERE. 

Spiritual Migration shall be released by Vicisolum Records on March 29th.

Spiritual Migration is Persefone's 4th studio album and was mixed by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat,Pretty MaidsMercenaryPestilenceDestruction etc.), at Hansen Studios in Denmark, and is a portrait of all the emotions the band has gone through within the first decade of their existence. Fine-tuning has never been a better word to describe the progression of a band, than in the case of Persefone.

The artwork for Spiritual Migration was made by Travis Smith (KatatoniaAvenged Sevenfold,Nevermore).

Spiritual Migration tracklist:

01. Flying Sea Dragons
02. Mind As Universe
03. The Great Reality
04. Zazen Meditation
05. The Majestic Of Gaia
06. Consciousness (pt.1): Sitting In Silence
07. Consciousness (pt.2): A Path To Enlightenment
08. Inner Fullness
09. Metta Meditation
10. Upward Explosion
11. Spiritual Migration
12. Returning To The Source
13. Outro

Source: Metalstorm.


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