JorZine - SOULFLY - Stream New Track ‘Gladiator’

SOULFLY - Stream New Track ‘Gladiator’


Max Cavalera’s groove metal titans Soulfly have unleashed another cut from new album ‘Enslaved’!


Get your lugs around ‘Gladiator’ here


‘Enslaved’ is released March 12 via Roadrunner. We’ve heard it, and it’s monstrously big. Check out the tracklisting below:


01. Resistance

02. World Scum

03. Intervention

04. Gladiator

05. Legions

06. American Steel

07. Redemption of Man By God

08. Treachery

09. Plata O Plomo

10. Chains

11. Revengeance


The digital-only edition includes the following three bonus tracks:


12. Slave

13. Bastard

14. Soulfly VIII


Max Cavalera and Soulfly feature in the brand new Metal Hammer issue, in which Max talks candidly about the inspiration behind some of the darker moments behind new Soulfly album ‘Enslaved’, and why he decided to make the heaviest Soulfly album of his career so far.


The new issue also features Ghost, a free Iron Maiden mini mag, Killswitch Engage, Meshuggah, Cancer Bats…fuckin’ hell, go buy it already, yeah?


Oh, and we also recently debuted the new Soulfly video for ‘World Scum’. Here ya go


Source: metalhammer. 


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