JorZine - BLAST NIGHT II - Participating Bands Announced

BLAST NIGHT II - Participating Bands Announced


JoScene, the organization behind BLAST NIGHT concert, has replica designer handbags announced the participating bands of the second edition of this Rock/Metal music event. The concert, which will take place on Friday 24th August at Rainbow Theater in Amman, Jordan, will be one of the biggest Metal events in Jordan since 2007.

The event will feature the Symphonic Black metallers NATHRZEIM, who will be playing some songs from their debut album "Sickness Of Inner Divinity", and the Melodic Doom/Death Metal band CHALICE OF DOOM, which will play a live concert for the first time ever! BEDLAM, the opening band, will bring the replica handbags for sale audience a good dose of Heavy Metal.

Azmo Lozmodial, vocalist and keyboardist of CHALICE OF DOOM commented: "This event inshallah will open a new era in the Jordanian Metal scene. The best of it is that we will be able to bring some Death and Black Metal bands from designer replica handbags around the Middle East to Jordan in a near future".

More information about the the event is available clicking HERE


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