JorZine - BELPHEGOR - New Album Pushed Back To Early 2014

BELPHEGOR - New Album Pushed Back To Early 2014


The release of Belphegor's new album and successor to Blood Magick Necromance might take more than originally planned. It was meant to be released this year and the band even pulled out of Barge To Hell to meet a March deadline but the yet untitled album is now scheduled for a worldwide release in early 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records. 

Founding member, guitarist and vocalist Helmuth Lehner states: "Drums, bass and guitars are all tracked. It sounds brutal, more aggressive and more Death than what was heard on the last LP's. The soundwall is massive - just as expected. Thanks to Erik Rutan for the extra motivation and forcing us to nail down tight as fukk performances. Furthermore I am set to lay down the vocals in June/ July, the mixdown and mastering will be done in September. A tough call, but it was the best for the record to decide to delay the release date again, to unleash the album in early 2014. Be prepared for Diabolical Death Musick!"

Here is a list of some new song titles: "Gasmask Terror", "Rex Tremendae Majestatis", "Take Her, Lucifer!" and "The Inverted Cross".

The band promises to release in April a trailer of the rhythm guitars.



Source: Metalstorm.


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