JorZine - NADER SADEK - Entire 'Living Flesh' DVD For Streaming

NADER SADEK - Entire 'Living Flesh' DVD For Streaming


"Living Flesh", the live audio/visual experience masterminded by famed Egytian-born US-based artist and visual effects director NADER SADEK, is now streaming in full. Self-released last week, "Living Flesh" can now be seen and heard online in its entirety. To stream the audio portion of "Living Flesh", visit this location. The DVD is now playing for a limited time only below.



Recorded at Santos Party House in Manhattan during the band's first live performance of the 2011 release "In The Flesh", "Living Flesh" is available as a signed CD/DVD, CD/Blu-Ray (limited to 20 copies), LP/Blu-Ray combo, limited edition LP (500 copies), LP with digital video download and as a digital download. Next month will see NADER SADEK issue a unique piece relating to the release, with details coming soon.


You can also watch "Living Flesh" video below or clicking HERE





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