JorZine - LAMB OF GOD - Randy Blythe Found Not Guilty Of Manslaughter

LAMB OF GOD - Randy Blythe Found Not Guilty Of Manslaughter


After being arrested, freed and then facing trial, Lamb Of God's frontman Randy Blythe has been found not guilty of manslaughter charges today in Prague, Czech Republic, as reports. 

Randy just posted this message on his Instagram account: "I have been found not guilty & acquitted of all charges against me. I am a free man. This photo was taken by my friend @aceyslade- it says it all. Please remember the family of Daniel Nosek in your thoughts & prayers in this difficult time. I only wish for them peace. Thank you for your support. Randy."

The prosecution had accused Blythe of causing the death of the 19-year old fan, Daniel Nosek, by pushing him off the stage at a 2010 concert. Blythe faced up to ten years in prison and now the court, a three-judge panel, delivered the verdict which acquitted him.

Blythe is not required to pay any compensation to the victim's family. The State Attorney immediately announced his intention to appeal the verdict and he has 8 days to put this in writing.


Source: Metalstorm.


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