JorZine - SERENITY BROKEN - Post Music Video For

SERENITY BROKEN - Post Music Video For


Greek modern Hard Rockers BROKEN SERENITY posted the music video from "Alone?". The song comes from BROKEN SERENITY's self-released debut album "Commercial Suicide". You can watch the video HERE.

"Commercial Suicide" tracklist:

01. "Tattoed Heart" 
02. "Shadows" 
03. "Slip Up" 
04. "Alone?"
05. "Our Hate"
06. "Right In Me" 
07. "Another Fading Memory" 
08. "Def" 
09. "Deception"
10. "Beat It Outta Me"
11. "Sweet Mistake" 
12. "Def" (feat. George Kollias)

Source: Metalkaoz.


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