JorZine - DAVIDIAN And EUFOBIA To Play In Turkey



The German Thrash Metal band DAVIDIAN and the Bulgarian Death Metal band EUFOBIA have announced two concerts in Turkey alongside the Turkish Death Metal band SOUL SACRIFICE. The bands will be playing on Saturday 27th October at Pulp Live in Istanbul and on Sunday 28th October in Ankara, as part of Rockstation Festival 15. They will be supported in Istanbul by CORRUPTION and BAHT and in Ankara by the GÖÇMEN, THRASHFIRE, ONE BULLET LEFT and many others.



DAVIDIAN was founded in 1997 in Plüderhausen, Baden-Württemberg. After the release of their first self-produced full length album “Abuse Of Power” at the end of 2003, the band performed at various festivals and lots of concerts within Germany and neighbouring countries during the last years to extend their sphere and listenership. In 2007, the band signed a record deal with Limited Access Records to release their new album “Hear Their Cries” in spring of 2008. The album was produced by Andy Classen and was distributed worldwide.


After performing at some of the most important European festivals, DAVIDIAN entered Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark in May 2010 to produce their new album "Our Fear Is Their Force". The album was finally released in February 2012 through the German label Massacre Records.



EUFOBIA was founded in 2003 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The band released its first demo "Cup of Mud" in 2005 and started to tour regularly around europe in 2008, traveling with CARNAL on "Curse This Tour", with ONSLAUGHT and SUICIDAL ANGELS on "Horns up Tour" and many others. Their first official album "Insemination" was released in January 2010 by the Romanian label Axa Valaha Productions.


At the beginning of the following year 2011, EUFOBIA released its second Official album, called "Cup of Mud". For this release, the band inked a deal with Wizard Records, a company known for its partnership with almost every single major metal label or distributor in the world. The single "Cruel Child", taken from the band's latest album, was chosen by the cult German Metal magazine Legacy for the compilation of their 70th issue, released in 32 000 copies, and for a compilation of the Serbian Nocturne Magazine as well.


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