JorZine - WHITECHAPEL - To Re-Release Their Debut Album

WHITECHAPEL - To Re-Release Their Debut Album


"The Somatic Defilement" by Whitechapel, originally released in 2007, is a concept album about Jack the Ripper's infamous murders of prostitutes in East London's Whitechapel district. The upcoming 2013 re-release, re-done with producer Mark Lewis, will be released on April 16th, 2013.

Pre-orders are available here, and Metal Blade Records comments:

"Whitechapel's debut full-length album, 'The Somatic Defilement,' is the album that firmly planted the band on an upward trajectory that has carried the band to the upper echelons of modern death metal. The band has taken The Somatic Defilement and placed it in the capable hands of Audiohammer Studios producer Mark Lewis for a complete re-mix, along with a re-master by Alan Douches. The results are staggering and give The Somatic Defilement a modern luster up to the standards of the band's most recent recordings.

"The band's latest effort, the self-titled album that dropped on June 19 in North America, debuted at #47 on the Top 200 Chart, #10 on the Top Independent Albums Chart, #3 on the Hard Music Albums Chart (Current), #2 on the Hard Music Albums Chart (Core Stores) and #64 on the Top Digital Album Chart."

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Source: Metalunderground.


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