JorZine - MYRATH - [NO] Tamer Hosny To Guest On Fourth Studio Album [Its Just April Fool]

MYRATH - [NO] Tamer Hosny To Guest On Fourth Studio Album [Its Just April Fool]


Happy APRIL FOOLS everyone


[Each year at April 1st, people around the world try to do their best to prank /troll their friends, and we wanted to do that too this year, and since it became like a tradition in most of the major websites, [Google, Wikipedia among other], to do a trick or create something fake, in addition to our brothers in metal community like, MetalstormMetalundergroundMetal Archives, ultimate-guitar who kept doing good pranks all over the past years.

Why we picked Myrath, simply because it's one of our team most favorite bands in the Middle East, and it's one of the most recognized within our scene, and it will mess with people to see Tamer Hosny name next to them in the title, although we have nothing against the guy, but as one of our fans commented in the link, its like Opeth + Justin Bieber

So we are glad for those who had great time by sharing the news and troll with their friends, and we are sorry for those who got annoyed, freaked out and didnt get sense of humor and started to spam Myrath members personal profile asking if its true, you could simply checked the news source which would lead you an image saying: April Fools, check it below, since we didn't change a thing from the old article.

But seriously, we are waiting for Myrath next album nonetheless.

PS: We shared it as soon as first country in the Middle East got into April fool, to double the possiblity of people fall in it !]


The original news, UNTOUCHED





Great news for fans of Heavy Metal and Arabic Pop alike, Tunisian Progressive Metal act, Myrath has announced that the legendary Egyptian artist, Tamer Hosny has agreed to collaborate on their upcoming studio album, "Light of My Eyes", set to be released by Platinum Records early this August. It has been confirmed that Hosny will be featured as a guest vocalist on three of the twelve tracks.







We could not reach Tamer Hosny for comments but the star's manager has told JorZine that, "Mr. Hosny is thrilled to be working with a Metal band... [he] has always found inspiration in songs by Metallica like, 'Nothing Else Matters'... Tamer is grateful for the opportunity to bring his art and talent to a relatively unknown band."


The three tracks are:

  1. Forbidden Love
  2. Under the Moon
  3. Ya Leily Ya Einy [Headbanger's Remix]



SourceMyrath Official Website


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