JorZine - Few Days For 'Metal Blast - The Heavy Dose'

Few Days For 'Metal Blast - The Heavy Dose'


Here we go again with a new blasting, raging and amazing event organized by the guys of Metal Blast, featuring a great line up and a heavier look. This is Metal Blast - The Heavy Dose!


The upcoming "The Heavy Dose" concert will take place on 6th April in Cairo, Egypt and is catering to Heavy, Thrash, and Alternative Metal played by some of the best Metal acts in the Middle East: Lebanese veterans, BLAAKYUM justly considered as one of the best Heavy/Thrash Metal bands from the region; the amazing Thrash Metal band, WYVERN as they return after years on hiatus, and the intense sound of, KARMA with their unique style of Nu-Alternative Metal.


With this concert's line-up, the organizers, who brought together another hard-hitting version of Metal Blast, must be lauded. Metal Blast was formed in 2008 bym Karim El Sharkawy, Fouad Ahmed Lail, and Usama Ahmed with the desire to provide Egypt with the most extreme, well-organized, and amazing gigs in mind. Metal Blast has so far featured a lot of outrageous bands from Egypt as well as across the Middle East: BILOCATE, PERVERSION, SCARAB, DESTINY IN CHAINS, SINPROPHECY, KARMA, ORIGIN, BEYOND EAST, AHL SINA, ENRAGED, VARDEN, and many others. Aiming to build a legal festival that can gain international renown and would make the world aware of the activity of the musical scene in Egypt.

For those of you who still don't know about the bands that will be playing in Metal Blast - The Heavy Dose, here we go with a bit of history:


WYVERN is a Heavy/Thrash Metal band from Egypt, that was formed in late 2003 by bassist, Hameed Sabry (ex-MASTERMIND) and guitarist, Marwan Shaaban (ex-ALLEGIANCE). The band started as a four piece band. The original line up was Seif El-Din Moussa (Drums & Vocals), Marwan Shaaban (Guitar & Vocals), Hameed Sabry (Bass) and Sherif Alaa' (Guitar). WYVERN started as a cover band, playing the songs of Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Sepultura, and Slayer. The band's first performance was on January the 23rd, 2004. After many concerts and a couple of line up changes, the band released their debut album, "The Clown" in 2009. During the same year, after 5 years of non-stop activity, the band decided to take a break. Now they are back, louder than ever!


Line up:

Adham Roshdy - Vocals
Marawan Shaaban - Guitars
Ousso - Guitars
Seif El-Din Moussa - Drums
Hameed Sabry - Bass




BLAAKYUM are a four piece band that was formed in 1995 earning them the title of the oldest, active Metal band in Lebanon. They have a distinctive sense of of music that combines a lot of genres in just one. After releasing their debut single, "Am I Black" in 1998, quickly becoming a hit within their country's Metal scene, they began to trek towards becoming a popular band, playing a lot of concerts in their home land and facing several line up changes. In 2007, the band came back to activity after a 6-year hiatus and in the same year, they won the Lebanese Nationals in the GBOB (Global Battle Of the Bands) what made them represent Lebanon in London for GBOB Grand Final, being the only Middle Eastern contestants and the only Metal band in the competition. In 2008, the band entered the studio to record their debut album titled, "Lord of the Night" which, after many setbacks, was released in January 2012.


Line up:

Bassem Deaibess - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Rany Battikh - Bass Guitar
Jad Feitrouni - Drums/Percussion
Elias Njem - Lead Guitar
Sevag Hadjian - Lead Guitar (sessionist)




If you happen to be a fan of Alternative/Nu Metal, KARMA will be present to satisfy you with raw, intense, and classical angst-ridden music. The band was formed in 2006 and since then, they have been featured in a lot of Metal gigs and festivals around Egypt. They released their debut album, "Actions In Previous Existence" in 2009 and have also released some new originals lately, which will be part of their upcoming album titled, "Reflections".


Line up:

Karim Mounir - Bass
Mahmoud Barakat - Drums
Ehab Samy - Guitars
Ragi Akram - Vocal
Omar Haridy - Guitars

Events details:


Venue: El Sawy Culturewheel (26th of july street, under 15th May bridge), Zamalek - Cairo (Egypt)
Doors open at 6:30 PM
Ticket price: 30 LE


More information about the event is available clicking HERE


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