JorZine - HAIL! - Press Conference

HAIL! - Press Conference


HAIL! the international all-star Metal band set foot in Lebanon on Friday the 30th March - on the eve of their second concert in the country - and started pleasing their fans just a few hours after arriving with a Meet & Greet session. The event, taking place at Mozart Chahine Zouk (a music shop), was composed of a short press conference followed by a chance for 35 lucky fans along with members of the press and photographers concerned to shake hands with Tim "Ripper" Owens, Dave Linsk, James Lomenzo and Paul Bostaph, get an autograph from each one of them and take a group picture with them. Here are a few words our interviewer Karim Chami could catch from the band during the sadly short press conference that was oh too soon interrupted by Mozart Chahine's owner.

JZ: James, we all know one of the bands you enjoyed success with was none other than WHITE LION. Any chance that one of their hits like "Wait" or "Hungry" will be played tomorrow?

James: We have considered that actually, but the style we are playing is kind of more heavy than WHITE LION. Songs like "Wait" don't fit into the playlist although it's a good idea to try some songs in the future.

JZ: Ripper and Paul, as the constant members in the HAIL! line up till now, what made you guys come to Lebanon for another concert after 3 years?

Ripper: Well I think the first we came here we had a great impression and we loved the crowd, so we were very serious about coming back again and here we are after 3 years, so let's do it one more time.

JZ: Ripper will you play JUDAS PRIEST tracks other than "Grinder"?

Ripper: Of course we are going to play some Priest, but we are not gonna play "Grinder".

JZ: What are u gonna play?

Ripper: I'm not gonna tell ya (Laughs)

JZ: Might we here listen to some tracks from bands like HELLOWEEN?

Ripper: We actually considered playing some HELLOWEEN but it didn't work out in the end (Laughs)

JZ: Does HAIL! ever think of recording an album anytime soon or is it just strictly a cover band project?

Ripper: When we started this project it was made for the fun it and we intend to continue doing so in the future. 

JZ: James, why did Vitto Bratta leave WHITE LION and why haven’t we heard anything about him? It’s like he disappeared!

James: Well the thing is with Vitto that he didn’t want to ruin the impression people had about him while at the peak with WHITE LION. Time changes people and nobody likes the same as when they were young. I remember 6 or 7 years ago we, me and Mike asked him, we were like "let’s do it, how about a reunion" and Vitto was like "no".

In a few days, JorZine Team will post a review of HAIL! concert in Lebanon. Don't miss it!


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