JorZine - LELAHELL - New Video For 'Emperor'

LELAHELL - New Video For 'Emperor'


The Algerian Death Metal band LELAHELL have shot a new video for "Emperor", a track taken from their debut EP titled "Al-Intihar". The band is fronted by Redouane Aouameur, vocalist/bassist from the legendary Algerian Progressive Death Metal band LITHAM, as well as from many others Algerian bands such as CARNAVAGEDEVAST and NEANDERTHALIA


You can check "Emperor" video bellow or clicking HERE






LELAHELL started in 2011 as a solo project, but after recording "Al-Intihar", the band was joined by Nihil (bass) and Slave Blaster (drums). The band describes their debut EP as "6 tracks [full of] of brutality through traditional melodies".

"Al-Intihar" was reviewed by JorZine Team. You can check the review clicking HERE


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