JorZine - CREATIVE WASTE - New Album For Streaming

CREATIVE WASTE - New Album For Streaming


The Saudi Grindcore band CREATIVE WASTE have set their new album titled "Slaves To Conformityfor streaming. The album is also available digitally for 6$. The band's new opus features Death Metal drum-icon Kevin Talley(DAATH, NOTHNEGAL, SIX FEET UNDER...) as guest musician on two tracks of the album. The artwork was designed by Hamad Al Najjar.


You can buy and listen to "Slaves To Conformity" clicking HERE

CREATIVE WASTE got formed in 2002 in Saudi Arabia by Essam (guitarist), Fawaz (bassist/vocal) and Talal (drums/vocal). The band had released two demos so far: "Colonies" in 2005 and "Cruelty Beyond Conception" in 2007. The band played in Maryland Deathfest 2011 in the USA, sharing the stage with some major bands such as VOIVOD, IMPALED NAZARENE, AVULSED, HAIL OF BULLETS, among many others.


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