JorZine - SCOX - To Play At Highland Metalfest In Armenia

SCOX - To Play At Highland Metalfest In Armenia


The Iranian Brutal Death Metal band SCOX have been confirmed to play at Highland Metalfest in Armenia. The festival will take place at the Puppet Theater in Yerevan, Armenia on 23rd April. They will be sharing the stage with their compatriots MASTER OF PERSIA, who will play at the Georgian Edition of Highland Metalfest as well. The festival will include a wide variety of Georgian, Armenian and Iranian bands and will be headlined by the Finnish Dark Metal band THROES OF DAWN.


More information about Highland Metalfest is available clicking HERE

The festival's organizers commented about SCOX confirmation: "Did you also think that Highland Metalfest 2012 was missing something important? And what would that be? Brutal fucking Death Metal, that's what. And SCOX from Iran will deliver just that, fast, technical and straight in your face. These guys hit hard and they take no prisoners. Fans of Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Morbid Angel and Deicide, see you at the pit!!!".


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