JorZine - EPISODE 13 - 'Death Reclaims The Earth' Album For Free Download

EPISODE 13 - 'Death Reclaims The Earth' Album For Free Download


The Turkish Black Metal band EPISODE 13 have set their latest album "Death Reclaims The Earth" for FREE DOWNLOAD. The album was released in October 2010 through Misantrof AntiRecords and it's the band's third full length release after "Tabula Rasa" (2005) and "Pitch Black" (2008).


"Death Reclaims The Earth" sees the band making its strongest statement yet in terms of musical direction, performance and commitment to producing dark, intense, intelligent, misanthropic Black Metal. Cover art for"Death Reclaims the Earth" is by the US artists Seraph + Splendor,  who specialise in portraying darker, more sinister subjects, and who have used blood to create the eerie image for the album. Cover design by Yagmur Gürkan.


You can download "Death Reclaims The Earth" clicking HERE


Formed in June 2001 with the intention of playing Black Metal with a particularly evil streak, EPISODE 13 quickly grew to become one of the leading extreme metal bands in Turkey. Today the band has a world-wide fan base and is one of the few bands to have gained credibility and a large following outside of Turkey. The band performs live regularly, with tours in Russia, Finland and Denmark under their belts, and appearances at Norway’s Inferno Festival and London’s Infernal Damnation Festivals bringing them critical praise from some of the most demanding Black Metal fans and media alike.


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