JorZine - PERVERSION - To Support HATE ETERNAL Concert In Dubai

PERVERSION - To Support HATE ETERNAL Concert In Dubai


The UAE-based Death Metal band PERVERSION have been announced as the supporters of HATE ETERNAL at their concert in Dubai, UAE. The North American Death Metal band will be playing in at Ratsky 3, located in Holiday Inn Hotel on 11th May, marking their first-ever performance in the Middle East.


Pre-sale tickets cost 80 AED and will be available for purchase at Musician's Warehouse from 15th April onwards. More supporting bands will be announced soon.


More information about the event is available clicking HERE

PERVERSION started in 2006 by Mahmud Gecekusu, Ahmet Gecekukusu and Rhama. The band released in 2008 their debut EP titled "The Origins of Horror", which had a wide acceptance inside the UAE Metal scene.


The band is currently about to release their first full length album "Pillars of the Enlightened", which was reviewed in JorZine. You can check it clicking HERE


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