JorZine - INNERGUILT - New Album For Streaming

INNERGUILT - New Album For Streaming


The Lebanese Thrash Death Metal band INNERGUILT have set their new album titled "Slanderous Societyfor streaming. This will be the band's first album as INNERGUILT, after establishing their name in 2004 asTRISTMOON and releasing an album 2010 titled "The Dungeon".


Track List:

1 - A New Deception [LISTEN]
2 - Burn [LISTEN]
3 - In This Prison [LISTEN]
4 - Slanderous Society [LISTEN]
5 - Terrorized By Silence [LISTEN]
6 - My Time To Destroy [LISTEN]
7 - Burden Of Guilt [LISTEN]

INNERGUILT was formed in 2004 under the name of TRISTMOON. After many gigs, the band released their first full length labum "The Dungeon" on August 2010. After the album was released, lead guitarist Serge Keshishian and frontman Sako Helvajian formed a new line-up and changed their name to INNERGUILT to reflect their style change. The band has played at Deccan Rock Festival in India last year, sharing the stage with the Polish Death Metal legends DECAPITATED.


As the band states at their Facebook Page"It’s going to be a mind-blowing album, filled with the heaviest riffs you can imagine, aggressive vocal lines, the sickest bass lines and drums".


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