JorZine - DARK PHILOSOPHY - New Documentary About Their History

DARK PHILOSOPHY - New Documentary About Their History


Redaholic Productions have released a trailer of the documentary film "Dark Philosophy", which presents the untold story of one of the most recognized Black Metal bands in Egypt: DARK PHILOSOPHY. The documentary features how the band began the journey of their music career and how they were rejected by many people in their early days. The documentary film, which will be released all over the web this summer, was directed and edited by Hassan Reda.


You can check the trailer of "Dark Philosophy" bellow or clicking HERE




Hassan Reda's first documentary "An Egyptian Revolution Story" had a huge applause from many people after being posted on the Internet through Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. His film got nominated at El Sawy Culturewheel's 7th Documentary Film Festival, competing against other 40 films. He also recorded a sequel of his documentary film titled "An Egyptian Revolution Story 2: The Aftermath", which was about the events that happened in Egypt after the day that the ousted president Mohamed Hosni mubarak stepped down from power until the days of Mubarak's trial.


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