JorZine - SCARAB - 'Serpents Of The Nile' Updates

SCARAB - 'Serpents Of The Nile' Updates


The Egyptian Death Metal band SCARAB have announced that their highly anticipated new album "Serpents Of The Nile" is currently in the mastering stages in Poland at the world-renowned Hertz Studio with the Wieslawski Bros, who have previously worked with the likes of DECAPITATED, BEHEMOTH, DIES IRAE, TRAUMA and VADER.


As the band previously announced at their Official Website"We are looking forward to this album, as it will define those long months of writing. We have been in slow motion for some time but now the groove is on. We are putting a lot of energy and effort in this one so be ready to expand and transform your mind with new intense melodies. Expect something different!"



1. Visions of A Blood River
2. Serpents of the Nile
3. The Afterlife Illusions
4. Funeral Pharaoh
5. The Spells of Coming Forth By Day
6. Pyramid of Illusions
7. Days of A Burial Mask

SCARAB's latest album "Valley Of The Sandwalkers" got recently nominated for "Best Metal/Hardcore Album" category in The Independent Music Awards 2012, alongside some well-known bands such as ASKING ALEXANDRIA (U.S.A.), HEMOPTYSIS (U.S.A.), 16 SECOND STARE (U.S.A.) and SHADOWSIDE (Brazil). They are the only Middle Eastern band nominated for this category. You can vote the band registering at The Independent Music Awards Official Website


The band also got nominated in the First Annual African Metal Awards in 4 categories: "Award For Outstanding Delivery And Quality", "Award For Outstanding Lyrical Brilliance", "Favourite Metal Player Of The Year: SCARAB - Al Sharif Marzeban" and "Award For General Excellence".


You can check the full list of nominees, which also features other Arab bands such as MYRATHVIELIKANVOMIT THE HATEHATHORIOUS clicking HERE


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