JorZine - EXILE - New Album Artwork Revealed

EXILE - New Album Artwork Revealed


The Jordanian Thrash Metal band EXILE have revealed the artwork of their upcoming album titled "Suspended Society... Mutilated Variety". The artwork was designed by Jorge Mira, colored by Majd Maayta and finalized by Basem Al Natsheh. The band have not announced the new album's release date yet.


"Suspended Society... Mutilated Variety" will be the band's first full length album, after the release of their debut EP "Dead Thrashers Rising" on January 2010 and the single "Absolute Evil" few months later.



01. The Forthcoming of Terror (Instrumental)
02. Legions of Death
03. World of Guilt
04. The Damned
05. WTF (Instrumental)
06. Suspended Society/Mutilated Variety
07. Iron Hands
08. 1535° (Instrumental)
09. Absolute Evil
10. Man of Power
11. Coronation of Disgrace

An in-depth studio report about EXILE's new album is available in the September 2011 issue of Dark Voices, the bi-monthly Metal Magazine launched by JorZine Editorial Team.


You can check it clicking HERE


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