JorZine - THE HOURGLASS - New Single Announced Featuring JON OLIVA As Guest Vocalist

THE HOURGLASS - New Single Announced Featuring JON OLIVA As Guest Vocalist


The Syrian Heavy Metal band THE HOURGLASS have announced Jon Oliva, the mastermind and the voice of the legendary North American Heavy Metal band SAVATAGE, as guest vocalist in the band's new single "Play The Pawn".


The legendary vocalist will put his own vocal passages and a piano solo in the song. The single will be released in May 2012 on Youtube.

Rawad Abdel Massih, the band's guitarist and founder commented: "I would like to thank Thanks to Hazem Alani for letting us use his studio to record the guitars of the demo. Many thanks to Youmni Abu Alzahab as well, for performing the vocals of the demo when we needed to send it urgently to Jon. Many mega thanks for our Manager, Sharbel Kanoun for all the support, time and effort you spent to make all things successful. This is a huge dream for us, and to me personally, without you it wouldn’t be real.

And to Jon, I really don’t know what to say, because really, as they say, no words can describe what I feel. I’ll be thankful for you for the rest of my life. When I started playing in 1995 or when I started listening to SAVATAGE in 1993 or when I started THE HOURGLASS (named after SAVATAGE's song) in 2002, not once I imagined that a day like this could come. Long Live!"

THE HOURGLASS will be supporting JON OLIVA'S PAIN, the band founded by SAVATAGE's vocalist/keyboardist Jon Oliva, at their concert in Dubai, UAE. The concert will take place on Tuesday 26th June at Sensation Club, located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The band's concert in Dubai will be part of the 25th Anniversary tour of "Hall Of The Mountain King", SAVATAGE's Metal masterpiece from 1987. This will the band's first show ever in the region.


Tickets are available for purchase clicking HERE


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