JorZine - SCARAB And VOMIT THE HATE Featured In The Winner's List Of African Metal Awards

SCARAB And VOMIT THE HATE Featured In The Winner's List Of African Metal Awards


The Egyptian Death Metal band SCARAB and the Tunisian Technical Death metallers VOMIT THE HATE have been featured in the winner's list of the First Annual African Metal Authority Awards. These awards are a way to recognize the efforts of the Metal bands across the continent. Appart from them, other North African bands asMYRATHVIELIKAN and HATHORIOUS were nominated.

SCARAB have been announced as the winners of the "Award For General Excellence" and of the "Award For Outstanding Delivery And Quality". VOMIT THE HATE are the winners of the "Award For Sheer Metallic Brutality".

The guys of SCARAB commented about the award: "We'd like to thank "African Metal" for giving us both awards, it is such an honor to be among the nominated bands of every category; it is not about winning, just the inclusion among our African brothers who are working to bring their music out to the world; to be heard. Recognition is always the best award to any band! Music coming out of Africa is booming, and we thank all the bands who are bringing this vision to reality. Thanks to "African Metal" once more for supporting SCARAB and spreading the word. All the best."

About the "Award For Sheer Metallic Brutality", African Metal organization commented: "Let's face it-Metal appeals to the beast in us all. No style of music is this loud or unabashedly untamed. There's a lot to be said about Metal and although most outsiders take to the cliche that it is all loud and aggressive, not knowing there's a lot more added to the picture, we seek to celebrate the untamed, wild and brutal side of Metal with this award for the Extreme Metal band who wears their brutality on their sleeve.

...and the winner is VOMIT THE HATE!
Hailing from Tunisia, VOMIT THE HATE first established themselves as a brutal force to be reckoned with in 2007 with their The Art Of Vomiting Hate EP a quick dose of brutal death metal in the vein of Suffocation. They have since become renown for their technical versatility and incredibly gory songs which graced their full length album 'Of Ignorance and Self Destruction' in 2008 and a recent EP titled 'Premortem Rot'".

You can check the full winners' list of African Metal Awards clicking HERE


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