JorZine - BILOCATE - New Album Artwork And Release Date Unveiled

BILOCATE - New Album Artwork And Release Date Unveiled


Jordanian Dark Oriental metallers BILOCATE have revealed the cover artwork for "Summoning the Bygones", their long awaitedforthcoming album. The artwork was designed by Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art in the United Kingdom, who is working with Listenable Records and Peaceville Records and worked with bands such as MY DYING BRIDE, DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL, CRADLE OF FILTH, DECAPITATED, HATE ETERNAL and many more. 
"Summoning the Bygones" official release date worldwide is on the 11th June 2012 via Code666 records (Aural Music).

The album includes a fully modified version of "Days Of Joy", one of the tracks from the band's debut album "Dysphoria", under a new name "Hypia" (which is actually the very first name this song had originally when it was composed in 2003), in addition to a brand new song and a cover of "Dead Emotion" from one of the legends in Doom/Gothic Metal PARADISE LOST taken from their legendary album “Gothic” rearranged totally in BILOCATE style, it’s a way of celebrating 20 years from the release of this amazing record that created a whole new Metal genre.
The tracks ‘Hypia’ and the legendary 20-minute track ‘A Desire To Leave’ features the Metal icon Dan Swano as a guest vocalist.

The tracklisting for the effort is as follows:

01 – The Tragedy Within (8:45)
02 – Beyond Inner Sleep (5:59)
03 – A Deadly Path (9:52)
04 – Passage (5:01)
05 – Dead Emotion (PARADISE LOST cover) (5:25)
06 – Hypia (Feat. Dan Swano) (9:34)
07 – 2nd War In Heaven (8:22)
08 – A Desire to Leave (Feat. Dan Swano) (19:51)
                        i. Obscurity 
                        ii. Surrounding Hell
                        iii …Of Leaving


Video footage from the studio diary can be seen below or clicking HERE




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