JorZine - L'BOULEVARD FESTIVAL - To Take Place On September In Morocco

L'BOULEVARD FESTIVAL - To Take Place On September In Morocco


According to Telquel Magazine Official Website, the Moroccan festivals Tremplin and L'Boulevard are not cancelled, just postponed. Both festivals, which used to take place on March and May in Casablanca, Morocco, will take place this year on September. The reasons of the date change are mainly financial, according to the festivals' organization. Hicham Bahou, co-founder of the festivals, told to "still not having made the necessary financial arrangements to organize Le Tremplin and l'Boulevard, we have prefered to postpone these events in order to leave us more time to negociate with our sponsors".

Tremplin Festival is a music competition dedicated to young bands from Morocco. This is the starting point for the bands for playing in front of large audiences and to be featured by media. Competing in Tremplin Festivalalso gives them the chance to face the professional live performances' conditions and meet professional musicians, artists and producers. The bands can participate in the three categories (Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock/Metal and Fusion). The winners of each category were going to participate in L'Boulevard Festival, which used to take place two months later. L'Boulevard Festival has featured some major international Metal bands, such as SEPULTURA, KREATOR or MOONSPELL.


Last year, Tremplin Festival had to be postponed due to problems with sponsoring and serious financial difficulties, according to the organization. It finally took place from 13th to 15th May and was headlined by the Swedish Melodic Death Metal band ARCH ENEMY. The Rapcore band NOISEA and the Alternative Rock bandHINDER MINDS were awarded with the 1st and 2nd prize respectively at the Rock/Metal category of the band's competition. L'Boulevard Festival didn't take place last year due to the previously mentioned reasons.


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