JorZine - AWESOME K - New EP For Free Download

AWESOME K - New EP For Free Download


AWESOME K, the Instrumental Djent side-project of Kuwait-based drummer Khalid Al Mansour from JELLY SHOT, have set its debut EP titled "Forbidden Chapters" for FREE DOWNLOAD. The EP was recorded at Khalid's own Awesome K Studios in Kuwait. The EP's artwork was designed by Adel "Dragonfly" Kerboushi, who is also known as EYERESIST's bassist.


You can download "Forbidden Chapters" clicking HERE

An in-depth report about Djent genre, which features AWESOME K as well as some other Djent-influenced Middle Eastern bands, is available in the latest issue of Dark Voices, the bi-monthly Metal Magazine launched by JorZine Editorial Team.


You can check it clicking HERE


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