JorZine - COAT OF ARMS - 'This Is Manslaughter' For Streaming

COAT OF ARMS - 'This Is Manslaughter' For Streaming


The Abu Dhabi-based Metalcore band COAT OF ARMS have set their latest album titled "This Is Manslaughterfor streaming. The album was released in March 2011 and has been written, recorded and produced by the band. "This is Manslaughter" was released alongside an exclusive DVD titled "Nobody Knows", which includes a mini documentary about the band. The documentary is available at the band's YouTube Channel


You can listen to the entire "This Is Manslaughter" album clicking HERE

COAT OF ARMS recently announced that their upcoming album, which is currently being recorded, will be titled "Sun & Satellites". More information about the album will be revealed soon.


The band got interviewed by JorZine before competing at the RAM BATTLE Middle East, which took place inDubai, UAE on 29th July 2011. You can check the interview clicking HERE


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