JorZine - CHALICE OF DOOM - New Single Released

CHALICE OF DOOM - New Single Released


The Jordanian Doom/Death Metal band CHALICE OF DOOM have released a new single titled "Serenade For The Lost". The single is a remastered version from a track taken from the band's debut album "Immemorial Nightfall", which was released in August 2011. The band has released this single before finishing their second full length album, as yet untitled.


"Serenade For The Lost" artwork was designed by the Polish horror and gore designer Nagrobek. The single features Majd Qewar as flautist and King Luke as guest drummer. The music was mixed and mastered by Azmo Lozmodial.


You can check "Serenade For The Lost" clicking HERE

CHALICE OF DOOM recently announced that Muhammad Jaber and Thabet Abu-Hammad, the band's longtime drummer and guitarist, have officially left the band. The reasons behind their departure are some personal issues, and specially the distance between the members, what made it harder to work as a band member. 


The band's current line up are Fares Swedan (harsh vocals), Ahmad Seffo (guitars and bass) and Azmo Lozmodial (clean/spoken vocals, compositions and keyboards).


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