JorZine - MAHMOD META - New Album Released

MAHMOD META - New Album Released


Iraqi guitarist Mahmood Hamasi, also known as MAHMOD META, has released a new album titled "Echoes Of Babylon". The album is inspired by the Ancient Mesopotamia, from the Sumerian to the Babylonian culture. The old statues and graffitis are the basis to which this album was themed. All the music and compositions have been arranged by him. The artwork was designed by Ahmed Shwgy.



1. Tracks: Echoes of Babylon intro.
2. Wind of north
3. Vicious fight
4. Nertum
5. Symphonies of death
6. Revolutionary war
7. Monuments
8. Aden
9. Chasing the fate

MAHMOD META is known for his work with the Iraqi bands DOG FACED CORPSE and FATALOGY. He mentions as the genres which have influenced him the most Heavy Metal, Oriental music and Progressive Metal. He also mentions guitarists Vinnie Moore and Paul Gilbert as his main influences.


You can listen to "Wind of North", a track taken from "Echoes Of Babylon" clicking HERE


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