JorZine - SILENT PATH - New Album Announced

SILENT PATH - New Album Announced


SILENT PATH, the Funeral Doom/Depressive Black Metal side project of Saman Nu (known as the man behind the Iranian Black Metal band EKOVE EFRITS), has announced the release of a new full length album titled "Mourner Portraits". The album will be released through Hypnotic Dirge Records in the summer of 2012.


Three tracks from "Mourner Portraits" are available for streaming clicking HERE



1. Empty Earth
2. Filth Of Mankind
3. Broken Trees 
4. Last Men, Last Dreams
5. Forgotten Sounds
6. Sarabe Aramesh
7. Epic Suicide 
8. Gray Dolls From Nowhere
9. Unwritten Story

While with EKOVE EFRITS, Saman creates a depressive sound which is filled with soaring melodies, doom-laden ambience and deep melancholy; with SILENT PATH however, the sound is grittier, darker and much less optimistic. This is down-tempo depressive Black Metal which explores humanity for what it often is: a virus, a disease and a pandemic.


You can check "Gray Dolls From Nowhere" video clip clicking HERE


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