JorZine - BLAAKYUM - Tour Dates In Poland Announced

BLAAKYUM - Tour Dates In Poland Announced


The Lebanese Heavy/Thrash Metal band BLAAKYUM have announced the dates of their Polish Tour called "Forbidden Metal", which will take place this summer. After performing in Ukraine at MHM Fest, the band will be playing in Warsaw and in Krakow on 10th and 11th August. The band will also give a conference on 9th August on Pub Beirut in Warsaw, where they will explain the situation of the Lebanese and the Arab Metal scene. At the band's conference, a documentary about the Lebanese scene titled "Arab Lebanon Metalheads" will be screened. The documentary has been directed by Osama Zamel.


BLAAKYUM will be sharing the stage with the Polish bands HEART ATTACK, SCREAM MAKER and TALIBAN MONKEY SOLDIERS.

Bassem Deaibess, the band's vocalist/guitarist and founder commented about this tour: "The Polish Tour was organised by Miss Marta Gorska. I had personally collaborated with her on her Polish/Lebanese folk event she had organised in Lebanon, we became friends and since the Polish scene during the 80 passed by a similar experience to the one we are facing in Lebanon and the Arab world. She came up with the idea of having the Polish dates under the name of "Forbidden Metal". The conference will explain our situation to the Polish scene and benefit from their experience in that field. (...) There, we will discusss things concerning the censorship and religious agression over Metal and Free Arts."

According to Progresja.comBLAAKYUM will be also playing in Slovakia and Germany, appart from the confirmed dates so far in Ukraine and Poland. There's no official confirmation from the band, appart from their post at their Facebook Page where they commented that their "European tour is coming all together now, as we added 2 shows and 1 conference dates in Poland... More shows and more countries to be revealed".


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