JorZine - NIAGARAH - New EP Announced

NIAGARAH - New EP Announced


The Belgium-based Moroccan Progressive Metal band NIAGARAH have announced a new self-titled EP. The EP, which was recorded and engineered at the band's guitarist Sofiane Hamzaoui home studio, will be released in the coming days. The cover artwork was also designed by Sofiane Hamzaoui. This release will be followed by a full length album as-yet-untitled, which will be released in August.


You can listen to the song "X-Sound" from "Niagarah EP" clicking HERE



1 - Grey Moon
2 - Truth Dominance
3 - X-Sound
4 - Grace Shot

NIAGARAH was founded by the brothers Sofiane and Hicham Hamzaoui in 2005 in the Moroccan city of Oujda. They were very first band ever arisen from their town, which made them being accused of satanism by some local newspapers. After playing some gigs and releasing a single in 2007 titled "Insomniac", the brothers moved to Belgium, where they re-founded the band and continued composing new songs.


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