JorZine - KIMAERA - New Album Details Revealed

KIMAERA - New Album Details Revealed


The Lebanese Doom/Death Metal band KIMAERA have revealed some details from their upcoming album, titled "The Harbinger Of Doom". The release, which is the band's third full length album, is the follow up to the well renowned "Solitary Impact", which was released in 2010. The artwork was designed by Rhett Podersoo at Machine Room (MY DYING BRIDE, DAWN OF ASHES, etc...).


"The Harbinger Of Doom" is in its final stages, and as the band stated at their Official Website"it can be described as the synapse of East & West, Doom & Death, Light & then the overwhelming Darkness...".



01. Ancient Serpents
02. Daughter of Eve
03. Praising my Pain
04. The Harbinger of Doom
05. A Casual Stray
06. The Script of Sorrow
07. Claim The Dark
08. Blood of Saints
09. Aged Wine and Woe
10. Lost Control

As we previously reportedKIMAERA have been confirmed for Metalhead's Mission Festival (also known asMHM Fest) in Ukraine. The festival will take place from 2nd to 4th August in Eupatoria, in the region of Crimea. The band will be sharing the stage with other Middle Eastern bands such as the Lebanese Heavy/Thrash metallers BLAAKYUM and the Turkish bands CENOTAPHRAVEN WOODS and GÜRZ, as well as with some international major bands such as the North American Death Metal heavyweights NILE and by the Canadian Technical Death Metal legends GORGUTS.

An in-depth report about KIMAERA is available in the third issue of DARK VOICES, the bi-monthly Metal Magazine launched by JorZine Editorial Team. You can check it clicking HERE


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