JorZine - DEATH FUSE - New Album Tracklist Revealed

DEATH FUSE - New Album Tracklist Revealed


The Iranian Metalcore/Hardcore band DEATH FUSE have revealed the tracklist of their upcoming album, titled "Before The Story Ends". This will be the band's second album, after the release of their homonym debut album in 2009.



01 - Dark Passenger Within
02 - Times of Desperation
03 - Buried Beneath Years Of Isolation
04 - Awake the Fallen
05 - Meaningless Frame
06 - Frail Life
07 - Into the Light
08 - Lacerated Soul
09 - Darkened Hearts
10 - Before the Story Ends

DEATH FUSE was founded in 2009 by vocalist/guitarist Shahrooz Goodarzi. After releasing their debut album the same year, the band performed in 2011 in Armenia and Dubai. The band recently announced the guitarist Fazel Noori Samani as a full time member.


You can listen to the band's homonym debut album clicking HERE


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