JorZine - Documentary About The Moroccan Underground Scene To Be Filmed This Weekend

Documentary About The Moroccan Underground Scene To Be Filmed This Weekend


This weekend, the city of Casablanca, Morocco will be host to two cultural events that will feature severalRock/Metal bands. The events are, "From Morocco With Hate!" and, "Art-less" and are organized by the Canadian-born Moroccan-based musician, Aaron Moniz (AKA the vocalist/drummer of the Hardcore/Punk band,W.O.R.M.).


The events will be filmed by a Canadian team of videographers and some Moroccan collaborators. The documentary, provisionally titled, “ARTLESS”, is aimed at accurately depicting the Alternative scene in Morocco and creating connections nationally and internationally for artists to raise awareness about the scene.

"As we met more artists, went to more shows, and really got to feel out how much POTENTIAL this country has, but not many means for people to express their artistic capacities. This is how the idea was incited and we wanted to sort of put an international spotlight on it, create and interesting documentary, while showing the world what exists in a country that is not really seen as having a force or presence in the alternative world", commented Aaron. He added, "we also want to put a little bit of a flame under a scene that is about to burst at the seams with the right kind of coverage, support and media involvement; hence the documentary".


The team behind the film have started to work on some preliminary plans on how are they going to advertize, screen, and promote the distribution of the documentary.

One of the events that will be featured on the documentary is, From Morocco With Hate! A gig that will take place on Saturday, the 9th June at, Salle 36 in Boultek, Casablanca. Several bands such as OLD SCHOOLMEAN STREETW.O.R.M.RIOT STONES and BARATHON LANE will attend. Some special guests from Canada, Spain, and Morocco will also be playing some loud music there to show exactly how deep the passion and influence of Hardcore music runs in Morocco.


The following day is for Art-Less – a huge event that will be held at Les Abbatoirs Ancienes (Old Slaughterhouse), in the heart of the cultural scene of Casablanca. The event will showcase the Moroccan underground scene, featuring bands from different genres, skaters/BMXers, graffiti/street art, tattoo artists, photography and many more! You can expect nothing but alternative art, extreme sports and, of course, a fistful of Rock and Metal!

More information about both events are available HERE and HERE


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