JorZine - SAND AURA - New Album Announced

SAND AURA - New Album Announced


The Egyptian Progressive/Folk Metal band SAND AURA have announced the release of their new album titled "Elegy Of The Orient". The album is a re-birth of the band's debut EP. It includes the re-recorded version of the six tracks which were featured in the band's EP, as well as two new songs. The artwork was designed by Xavier Vanrius.



1. The Sand Aura [From The Land of nod]
2. Aljahelia
3. The Orphaned Child I [Pilgrimage for his name]
4. The Orphaned Child II [Fountain in the desert]
5. Fountains Of Moses
6. Ya Sabyya
7. The Shepherd's Elegy
8. Sidi Abd El-Raheem

"Elegy Of The Orient" is SAND AURA's first full length album. The band have announced that the album will be released in physical format soon.


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