JorZine - PERVERSION - Feud With Steve Tucker

PERVERSION - Feud With Steve Tucker


U.A.E based Death Metal band PERVERSION have entered a war of words with vocalist Steve Tucker (NADER SADEK & ex-MORBID ANGEL) after they had paid him to master their debut album "Pillars Of The Enlightened" and not received any results or refund after almost a year of waiting.


Steve Tucker had this to say on the matter:


"Apparently, the band PERVERSION is running their mouth on me, saying I ripped them off for 1800 dollars. Well, let the little girls talk on the internet all they want, the truth of the matter is, I spent countless hours trying to polish the turd that they sent me, and it just did not happen. As for ripping them off, I put in many more hours than that piece of shit deserved!!!! I WAS going to refund them, the money. Now I will NOT!!!! I more than earned it!!!!! If YOU!!!! choose to believe the rubbish, from some shit band that wants to run their mouth on the internet, that is fine with me!! I have been in this business a long time, and will be for a lot more. As well I have heard some shit about some Egyptian band called SCARAB, I never dealt with this band, I would not deal with this band, and they can suck my cock!!!!!!! ST \,,/"


He elaborated on this, as well as trying to justify his attack on Egyptian Death Metal band SCARAB by posting the following message on PERVERSION's Facebook Bandpage:


"I don't care what you think. They would have been sorted out. As far as the other band goes. I was asked multiple times about them. And I don't know them. And Fuck it. They got more publicity out of it than they ever did for their music. In every business there can be problems. And I have spent years EARNING my reputation. True there was a problem with PERVERSION. You do not hear me denying it. However, talking shit is for little punks! They have the right to not recommend me to work with. That is fine. But talking shit and bringing it to a level of saying "hit Steven Tucker in his balls" is fucking silly and childish. After hearing from people I respect that they are talking shit. I responded. You don't like it? Fuck you. Quit trolling the fucking internet idiot. I play Death Metal, I am not a fucking politician. I am not looking for your vote. I am not politically correct and have no desire to be."

PERVERSION have avoided responding to the provocation so far, although guitarist Mahmud Gecekusu did have this to say via his Facebook page: "Hypocrisy at its highest disappointing!! sometimes those who you look to and respect may turn out to be complete assholes and liars!"



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