JorZine - O'ROCK - New Album For Streaming

O'ROCK - New Album For Streaming


The Iraqi Hard Rock project O'ROCK have set their debut album "All Rock Influencesfor streaming. The album consists on 5 original tracks and a cover of DEEP PURPLE's "Smoke on the Water" and features a wide variety of styles, from Soft Rock to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. As the band states at their Facebook Page, the name of the album "All Rock Influences" shows the spirit of Old School Rock that influenced the band to make their own original album.


You can listen to "All Rock Influences" clicking HERE


O'ROCK was established in 2012, by the co-operation of Haval Yousef (Vocal & Lyrics Composer) and Ameen Al-Jaff (Music Composer). The name was taken in the influence of the Iraqi ancient civilization OROC, and the word ROCK that is known and familiar to all Rock fans. The band made a mix between reminding the Iraqi Rock fans with their ancient civilization and ancestors, and giving them one step forward into a modern style of music.


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